F Series Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox

F series parallel shaft helical gearbox

Generalization of the F series parallel shaft helical gearbox

The F series parallel shaft helical gearbox are very small and especially adequate for narrow installation room. The installation modes are tail mode, flange mode and hollow-shafting mode.

The characteristics of the F series parallel shaft helical gearbox
Parallel output, compact conformation, great transmission torque, stable work, low noise and long life
Installation mode: base mode, flange mode and torque-link mode.
Reduction ratio: 4.3-25.3 of the basic model with two stages, 28.2-273 with three stages and combined to 18509
The input and output rotation directions of the basic model are the same for two-stage, and opposite for three-stage and consult when combining
Output mode: hollow-shafting mode or solid-shafting mode
Average efficiency: 96% of two-stage, 94% of three-stage and 85% of F/CR average

The data of F seriesparallel shaft helical gearbox
Housing Material: HT250high-strength cast iron
Housing hardness:HBS190-240
Gear Material:20CrMnTi alloy steel
Surface hardness of gears:HRC58°-62°
Gear core hardness:HRC33-40
Input /Output shaft material:42CrMo alloy steel
Machining precision of gears: accurate grinding 6-5 grade
Heat treatment: tempering, cementiting,quenching,ect.
Efficiency:94%-96%(depends on the transmission stage)


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